Alan has built a successful oil and gas career over the past 28 years by diligently pursuing both the lease/drill and the acquire/exploit strategies. Alan is a degreed petroleum engineer who started in the field with ARCO (now BP) before joining Burlington Resources (now ConocoPhillips). At Burlington, Alan leveraged his technical background to also focus on the commercial/acquisition side of the business. Alan then joined other key Burlington executives who started a small E&P company, Xplor Energy, serving as VP of Operations and Acquisitions. Upon the successful sale of Xplor, Alan re-joined many of his former Burlington colleagues at Ocean Energy as VP Business Development. Ocean achieved great success in growing its business through acquisitions and organic development projects, and was ultimately acquired by Devon Energy.

In 2003, Alan decided to start his own business. As the founder, Alan built two highly successful E&P companies, Chalker Energy Partners I & II. Both companies were backed by Quantum Energy Partners (“QEP”). Chalker focused on a combination of acreage acquisition, drilling, developing and exploiting onshore U.S. assets. The combined gross ROI on Chalker I and Chalker II was 4.6x. Alan was actively involved and served as the lead board member of Chalker III, another highly successful company that delivered an ROI of 3.2x.

After successfully establishing the Chalker franchise, QEP’s founders asked Alan to join QEP and lead the firm’s E&P efforts, where he sourced and managed numerous portfolio company investments. Despite a successful tenure at QEP, when an opportunity presented itself for Alan to lead an oil and gas company again, he did not hesitate. He took over as CEO of Quantum Resources in 2009 and utilized his technical, commercial and leadership experience to deliver stellar results for QR’s investors. Along with his QR and QEP partners, Alan founded and served as CEO of QR Energy, a publicly-traded MLP. Since it’s inception in December 2010, QR Energy has acquired and successfully operated approximately $2.2 billion in assets. In July 2014, Alan successfully negotiated a ~$3 billion merger of QR Energy into Breitburn Energy Partners, a highly regarded, peer MLP.

Alan L. Smith

President & Chief Executive Officer

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Alan L. Smith